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    As-Salamu `Alaykum! (السلام عليكم)


    Welcome to the USC Muslim Student Union (MSU) Website! InshaAllah we find you all in the best health and in an increasing state of Iman. We welcome newcomers to MSU and the Trojan Family, and congratulate you on your admission and choice of attending USC. To those returning, we hope we find you rejuvenated for another year.

    We, the Muslim Students Union of USC, are an organization dedicated to developing a strong Muslim community on campus which is able to engage, educate, and provide for Muslim students at USC as well as for individuals in the larger community. We bring together people from various cultures, backgrounds, and ideologies to foster our diverse yet unified identity. Throughout the year we conduct a wide variety of programming, including but not limited to Iftars during Ramadan, Eid Banquets, weekly Halaqas, social events, guest speakers, and community service events.

    We hope the information on this website is helpful in developing your familiarity with the Muslim Students Union, and we thank you for taking the time to learn more about the organization. We have exciting programming planned for the school year, and look forward to your contributions and attendance! Be sure to check the website regularly, as new events will be posted.

  • On Campus Congregational Prayers

    Congregational prayers will take place on campus in URC 204 at the designated times below:


    Dhuhr : 15 minutes after Athan

    Asr : 15 minutes after Athan

    Maghrib: 5 minutes after Athan

    Isha : 15 minutes after Athan


  • Meet Our Team

    2016-2017 MSU Board

    Aamna Asif


    Medeeha Khan

    Vice President

    Noha Ayoub


    Sohaib Naim


    Sara Haque

    Public Relations

    Nageena Hamraz

    Media Representative

    Ghena Alhanaee

    Marketing Chair

    Dunya Dost

    External Relations

    Ahsan Javed

    Student Advisor

  • MSU Board of 2016-2017

  • Upcoming Events

    Join us at our next event!

    Islamic Learning Circle (Halaqa) and Pizza

    Tuesdays 6PM @ URC204

    Join us every Tuesday at the prayer space w/ our chaplain Sheikh Jamaal as we discuss a topic in Islam over dinner.

    Quran, its Interpretations and Chai

    Thursdays 7:30PM @ URC204

    Join us every Thursday at the prayer space where we discuss a Surah in the Quran and its interpretations and lessons to be learned. Chai is served!

    Islam Awareness Week

    March 26th-March 31st @ USC

    IAW 2017 is finally HERE! In the present climate and especially at university campuses such as USC, it is critical now more than ever to spread an awareness of and appreciation for Islam in the face of overwhelming misinformation. Thank you so much to everyone who is helping us bring our vision for IAW to life!
    We are incredibly excited to present an array of events set for the last week of March, starting on Sunday (March 26th) and ending that Friday(March 31st). The week includes renowned speakers such as Dalia Mogahed and Muslema Purmul, a calligraphy workshop, and much more!

    Day-to-Day Schedule:
    SUNDAY: The Content of Character, a Zaytuna Conference
    MONDAY: Conver(t)sations
    TUESDAY: Calligraphy Workshop; Sheikha Muslema Purmul on Allyship in Islam
    WEDNESDAY: Dr. Sohail Daulatzai
    THURSDAY: Dalia Mogahed on Intersectional Feminism
    FRIDAY: Meet Your Mosque


    Event Page: Here

    Zaytuna at USC: The Content of Character

    March 26th 9AM-5PM @ THH201

    Day 1 of Islam Awareness Week: The Content of Character


    Can we change by listening? Can we be so touched and inspired by words that we are moved to renew and remake ourselves as better, nobler, and more merciful human beings? The impact that good words have had on humanity throughout history resoundingly declares we can.

    These wise sayings of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ are designed to do just that — to guide us to the very best in ourselves. Compiled by the renowned East African scholar, Al-Amīn 'Alī Mazrū'ī, this collection brings together sayings that encourage good character. By listening closely, we may hear something that speaks to us, speaks to our conscience and our heart, and moves us to become better human beings.

    Join Dr. Abdullah Ali and Ustadh Usama Canon as they bring the words of our Prophet ﷺ to life.


    Registration is required. You can buy tickets at: http://info.zaytuna.edu/usc
    Tickets will come with a copy of the book “The Content of Character” as well. We hope to see you all with us inshAllah!


    Event Page: Here


    March 27th 7:30PM-9PM @ VKC150

    Day 2 of Islam Awareness Week: Conver(t)sations!

    Join us to learn about Islam from the perspective of converts!
    Dinner provided.


    Event Page: Here

    Calligraphy Workshop

    March 28th 3-4PM @ URC205

    Day 3 of Islam Awareness Week: Calligraphy Workshop

    Ever wanted to try arabic calligraphy? Now's your chance! Join us for a calligraphy workshop led by Faran Kharal.


    Notice: Capped at 20 people.


    Event Page: Here

    The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and Allyship

    March 28th 6-7PM @ URC203

    Day 3 of Islam Awareness Week: The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ & Allyship


    Our Muslim Chaplain Sheikha Muslema Purmul will be giving an important talk about The Prophet Muhammad & Allyship. Come through! Dinner provided.


    Event Page: Here

    Meet Your Mosque

    March 31st 1PM @ Masjid Umar

    Day 6 of Islam Awareness Week: Meet Your Mosque


    Interested in visiting a mosque? Join us as we walk over together for Friday sermon!


    Event Page: Here

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